Son-Rising the other kids in the playground

Amor can be easily misunderstood. She has a favourite swing in the playground. If someone is on it when she arrives, she always asks for it…in a not so polite way 😅. Sometimes she kinda looks like a toddler shouting “mine!”

Through the years and Son-Rise assisted playground visits, she has been getting better at it. Today she asked more politely for the kid to GET OUT of HER swing….”More politely” is a relative term compared to how she used to do it 😉. He just had a question mark on his face but moved to the swing on the other end.

In Son-Rise® fashion, I went over to the boy to show gratitude and highlight how helpful he was. I told him, “Amor needs more practice in asking and sharing. But when kids like you readily share, she learns a lot faster! Thank you for showing her how to share!”

I just know from the smile on his face that my verbal gratitude will encourage him to keep showing more kindness to other kids.

I’ve been celebrating kids who show generosity to Amor in the playground. Some kids are receptive…some are…well, still need to mature 😜. But it has greatly helped Amor to ask politely, share her swing, wait her turn and/or accept “no” for an answer.

Son-Rising at it’s best at the playground! Building the village that raises my child.

In the photo: Amor on her favourite swing.