Another Social Skills Breakthrough

When we go out, our objective is to help Amor be able to navigate and ask people for help.

Her current motivation is Avengers and she has been asking for another avengers book.

We happen to pass by a bookstore but it wasn’t our agenda and we didn’t have time to search every shelf to find her book. So I told her that we only had a minute to ask and go straight to the book. For today, we couldn’t spend time to look around. That means she really had to ask the staff for help. Usually Amor would push back and ask me to talk to other people.

With the choice to leave or asking for help, Amor mustered her courage to ask. Timidly she walked towards the staff but requested that I be right behind her.

Amor asked for a marvel book. the polite gentleman didn’t understand what she said so he looked at me to clarify. I told him that Amor was practicing how to ask. He understood and looked back at her as she tried to explain more. Soon enough she was able to explained and he directed us to the book she wanted!

Big celebrations for her first time to ask. She was so proud of her accomplishment and readily agreed to do the cashier transaction herself.

On the taxi Amor proudly declared, “I am 11 years old now and I can buy books by myself!”

What I like about this Breakthrough moment is that I know I will only have to refer to it, to encourage her to confidently do it again and again!

In the photo: in taxi, Amor excited about her new book.