Back to creeping and crawling

I almost gave up on this program, thinking it was too taxing and time-consuming.

But as Amor grows older, her spastic muscles are becoming tighter. And Nathan’s cerebral palsy continues to pull and tug his muscles in wrong directions…Besides, it’s summer break and there is nothing better than using the time to creep, crawl and strengthen body and mind!

…come to think of it, asking the twins to creep and crawl is a lot easier than asking them to do physical therapy. And the results, based on other parent testimonies, are miraculous. Already, Amor’s hips have stopped snapping. Osteopathy and stretching didn’t seem to ease the snapping, which happens where she moves that joint. But snapping has greatly minimised with just 3 days of creeping and crawling.

In the photos: Nathan and Amor creeping and crawling at our “Olympic oval” 😉