“You sacrificed your life”

I sat in front of the taxi so Aunty taxi driver got a chance to interview and interrogate me 😜. After seeing Nathan from the wheelchair and fidgeting/whining in the taxi, she started her round of questions. I happily answered. I embrace every opportunity to promote autism awareness.

She soon found out that I ran home-based, Son-Rise programs for my twins, Nathan and Amor. She asked me what my background was and if I was a professional. “Yes,” I smiled, “in a totally different field: Environmental Science.”

Seeing my that my career shifted from managing the environment to home-making, she replied with a heavy sigh, “You sacrificed your life.”

My mind went on flashback mode… because of my special twins I learned what was more important in life. Because of them, I found the Son-Rise Program®, my life went from great desperation to hope that something can be done about autism, I was given a chance to believe and witness miracles. All autism “experts” offered no hope, but only autism “management”. I was given a desire to share this hope to other families. I was blessed to be in a team of autism parents wanting to share hope for other families thus Embrace Autism was born. My life has changed because I was blessed with my special twins!

I didn’t sacrifice my life…Nathan and Amor has given my life so much more purpose and meaning! I wouldn’t exchange it for the world.