A new adventure

The day after 12-12-12 is literally the start of a new adventure for us. We are trying something new in terms of biomedical intervention for autism. It’s called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). Crazy name, but well, can’t do anything about that.

There is so much mixed reviews about MMS online. The people that haven’t tried it have readily criticized it by judging or misjudging it by its chemical name. The folks that have tried it have so many good things to say about it and their children’s progress.

There’s a whole community, guided by Kerri Riveria, that is seeing amazing progress with MMS treatment. So little is known about autism and these families have proven it.

I am convinced this will greatly help Nathan because I know a lot of his issues stem from his gut problems. At age 2, Nathan had good and frequent poop. He wasn’t walking, yes. But nobody would have guessed that he would one day be so autistic. His regression coincides with his constipation and crying almost every night.