Day 3 of MMS

Today during our son-rise session, Nathan started singing songs that he learned about 2 years ago from Barney shows but he hadn’t sang them for those 2 years. My eyes started filling with tears because I was recalling how Nathan regressed into autism.

At age 2 Nathan knew his nursery rhymes. In fact we even had our own version of “name that tune” and he even made me his mommy-dukebok as he requested songs.

At age 2 1/2 Nathan was singing all the songs from our favorite kids CD. He would hum as he thought what song to sing next. I got a little worried when his humming between songs got longer and longer….At the end of a year, there was no more songs, just humming. Eventually the shocking diagnosis, autism.

But today, on only the 3rd day of MMS, he’s suddenly recalling songs from those few years when he was slowly regressing. Is this happening?

As I cried, Nathan stopped and looked at me. His face was trying to ask, “why to do you have tears in your eyes?” I just returned the gaze with amazement…and more tears. He was concerned about me. I explained those were tears of joy.

Later in the evening he got an old book that I used to read to them as babies. As I guided him, he “read” through it, instead of flip the pages and feel the texture.

If MMS can get Nathan to his 3 or even 2 1/2-year-old level, in terms of interactive attention….we can son-rise all the way and catch up on those missing years. He is now 6 years, 4months.

More than ever, please pray for us. MMS is giving us so much boost (from viewing stories of other families and now this, only day 3 of MMS). Is this it? The burden made easy?

Keeping faith.