Son-Rise vs. Conventional therapy

Today, Nathan did something special for Ria. He showed her that he could step up onto the swing with minimal assistance…3 times! (Nathan also has cerebral palsy and challenges walking and balancing). A few weeks ago he asked for Ria’s help him climb the same swing. It was necessary for Ria to carry almost his entire weight to get him on the swing. At that time, he couldn’t even hold on and had to be put down almost immediately.

This incident shows the power of son-rise and the amazing rate at which a child can accomplish anything…even if the child has neurological limitations. Find the child’s motivation and encourage it. Soon you’ll find his potentials are limitless!

Had this been conventional therapy, the therapist would identify targets based on what the “standard” child does. Say for example stand on one foot for 10 seconds or hop on one foot (Nathan still cannot do these). Repetition, not motivation, will be used to try to get Nathan to achieve this target. And of course since Nathan thinks, “what’s in it for me?” He will not exert energy to achieving the goal. After several repetitions, very slow progress will be made, making us feel that maybe my child will never get far.

When Nathan was 2 months old, doctors told us he may never walk or he may have learning difficulties. Son-Rise tells us his potentials are limitless!