Helping Irritable Be Generous 

I was busy with Nathan at the swing when I noticed that there was a Mommy standing in front of Amor and thus, Amor could not swing.
“Can I help?” I asked, wondering what Amor did again. Yes, Amor is notorious for grabbing swings and shouting “mine!” at other kids…only because she still needs help getting the right social cues and making friends.

The Mommy explained that Amor grabbed the swing from her Daughter, who by the way, was more than half of Amor’s age.

“Amor has special needs,” I explained.

“I didn’t know, never mind,” the Mommy answered as she got ready to pull her Daughter away.

“No, no, let me help,” I said as I turned to look at Amor. “Amor can be very good at sharing, she just needs a little bit of help. Aren’t you Amor?” Amor just looked at me, still clinching onto her swing 😄

“Never mind,” the Mommy insisted, “My Daughter also does not know how to ask.” Understandably, she was a cute 4-year-old.

“We can help then,” I kept trying. “Hey Amor, we can help the little girl to practice using her words!” That’s how I helped Amor to ask and borrow swings/toys at the playground. “When the little girl uses her words and asks politely, we can show her that we are so good at sharing!” Amor still had the same reaction holding tight on her swing 😄 Yes, that’s the stubborn Daughter that I love ❤️. “It’s ok to say ‘No’ Amor if you don’t want to share…but maybe after a few minutes, we can show them that we are good at sharing…”

The Mommy then guided her Daughter to ask for the swing…Amor loosened her grip. “Wow, Amor you are so good at sharing!” I celebrated. She then lifted some weight off the swing. “Thank you Amor for helping the girl use her words and for showing us that you are so good at sharing!” Amor then stood up with a smile on her face. And I gave her a big hug telling her how proud I was of her.

The Mommy was so impressed at how I handled my special needs Daughter. “I have been blessed,” I replied then pointed to Nathan who was quietly swinging, “…with twins with special needs,” and knowing when to #tryabettertherapy.

If she was a Mom with special needs I would tell her how much Son-Rise® has blessed me and helped me turn all my challenges into the most amazing blessings!

Praise God for this healing journey! 

For their privacy, I obviously didn’t want to take their photos. But here’s Amor in the photo, doing what she loves best: shaking the swing, which helps her calm her hearing sensitivity.