Her Weaknesses have turned into her Strengths!

When Amor was a toddler, she had hearing sensory issues. She would always freakout with the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, public toilet hand dryer and even an electric toothbrush. Son-Rise had greatly helped her overcome it! There may still be a bit of lingering sensitivity, in the sense that she can hear a conversation on the other bedroom that we normally would not notice. But that’s what’s amazing. Since it does not bother her anymore, she can use it instead of hate it. If she wants to, she can use this unique talent and work as a spy or work for NBI when she grows up 😉

Since Amor could not hear songs the way we do, she naturally could not sing them correctly. She was so out of tune and her melody was so off. Nevertheless, I always cheered for her! Despite her hearing issues, I was so happy that she kept singing. Practice has truly made her singing perfect! As she has been overcoming hearing issues, her singing voice has developed beautifully! The greatness of her voice and her eagerness to sing, always gets her to sing solo in most of her school events! Yep, her determination can get her to be a great singer, if she wants.

Amor has a speech delay. At age 3, she could only say a handful of words. Today, though she can engage in meaningful conversations, she is still not at par with her peers. However, she has an amazing ability to pick-up several languages. Last night she was singing the Chinese version is Frozen’s “Let it go”. She picked it up from YouTube and I’m pretty sure it was close to accurate. Back in Japan, she would response to our Japanese translator in Japanese! I had to ask and was told her answers were always appropriate. She also picked-up lots of Japanese from her classmates and used them appropriately. Here in Singapore, she quickly adapted to Singling. At home, she can translate what my husband and I are saying in Filipino. She has a potential career in Linguistics!

She’s only 8 and already I know whatever she chooses to do in life, she will be amazing at it!

We are so blessed to have found Son-Rise. Us seeing everything she does as beautiful, and not as a handicap, has certainly helped her overcome many challenges!

God has blessed us with Amor!


Amor seems to be responding to MMS

I took Amor to the mall. Today I was more confident, it’s day 9 since starting MMS. I’ve noticed she is more calm and understands/follows instructions better. Usually, her biggest challenge (or my biggest challenge when I’m with her) is her transitioning issues/flexibility. It’s usually hard getting her to go home at the end.

However, today Amor was good. She looked at toys but I eventually steered her away to get some groceries. On the way home she said, “Hey, look at that!” I though, “Oh no, should I move on and keep walking like I didn’t hear her? I’ll never get her home if she really likes what she ‘s seeing.” It was a car ride. I was brave enough to allow her to ride. I even gave her a dollar to drive. Amazing after her ride, I told her it was time to go. Still allowing her full control (son-rise way), I offered that she could stay if she wanted. She decided to come home with me…thank goodness.

Furthermore, while walking to and from the mall, she corrected her steps when I reminded her to “roll your feet.” Otherwise, she unconsciously tip-toe walks.